By The Athlete's Foot Australia | December 29, 2017

Feet are the foundation to our bodies and as children grow, their feet change to the adapting needs of their development and because of this their feet are soft and pliable and their shape can easily be changed. Finding a perfectly-fitted pair of quality school shoes protects your child from discomfort, injury and the development of chronic ailments that could persist into adulthood. This is why it is so important to get a new pair of shoes for the first day of the school year.


The most important things to look for when buying children’s school shoes…

  1. There should be roughly an adult thumb width of room between the end of the longest toe and the front of the shoe.
  2. Flexibility under the ball of the foot to allow your child’s toes to bend which in turn allows them to skip, jump and run.
  3. A firm heel counter increases your child’s stability and reduces the risk of sprained ankles.
  4. A removable insole is important if your child wears orthotics. Bring the orthotics into store so the staff can use them during the fitting process.


Features of good quality school shoes…

The first feature: Leather uppers are preferred for their durability and ability to breathe. Avoid synthetic man made materials unless the upper is an open weave fabric.

The second feature: A soft, cushioning non-slip sole and a low, wide heel helps decrease jarring and strain through the foot, leg and spine.

The third feature: Ascent school shoes are made with hidden sports shoe technologies that help increase comfort, durability and support kids throughout their school day. Clarks school shoes are also available and offer multiple widths, styles and very high durability.


Tips for buying school shoes…

Shop for shoes later in the day. Most feet tend to swell during the day and it is best to fit shoes when the feet are at their largest.

Always have both feet measured for length.

Wear the new shoes prior to starting school. A couple of hours a day will get your child used to wearing the shoes.


As school shoes are worn 40 hours of the week, an ill fitting shoe can cause damage to the foot structure. So, check out your local The Athlete’s Foot and speak to our friendly team who are experts in growing feet.

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